Building Green

A ‘Green Built’ home reduces the environmental impact of home construction, produces healthier homes that operate much more efficiently, save energy, water, resources — and money, too. Green building is an investment in our future, creating communities and regions that are better places to live today and into the future.

Why Buy a 'Green Built' Home?
If you value the environment you live in, want to live healthier, would like to build instant equity, reduce operating costs and increase profitability through energy and resource conservation then these are some of the reasons to purchase a ‘Green Built’ Home. 

What are the benefits in owning a ‘Green Built’ Home?

  • Customize your home with upgrades.
  • Vendors are always ready to help you personalize your home.
  • Enjoy the best style and quality without the custom price.
  • Choose the right lot for you.
  • Have the pre-construction team help you develop your land.
  • Security and peace of mind - Green Built homes come with a 5 year warranty.